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It has just concluded an important formative experience: during three days of the current month (15/16/17th April), a small group of managers of the Ramo srl took part at the master in sales and dealing, organized by Blackship in Brescia. This is an intensive course that aims to apply theoretical concepts to practice, bringing important results for companies that invest in training and believe in the continuous improvement of skills.
Blackship is the italian partner of Infoteam, international network among the world leaders in the field of methods and sales strategies. It has more than 2.000 customers in sales paths, over 400 interventions disbursed each year, experiences in more than 50 different types of markets and is capable of operating in 15 different languages around the world. Blackship has more than 25 years of experience in sales and has objectively detected an average increase of more than 15% of the turnover of customers followed; it is a group of people committed to helping organizations overcome their challenges and achieve their goals.
The master is finalized at opening up new avenues to develop skills and enhance the talents of each. This is not a simple training because the course want to bring the concrete results, using education as a means to do this: are transferred methodologies, tools, skills and abilities, not just concepts and theoretical notions. In fact, the practice and application of concepts to the specific industrial reality, are more important and effective than simple abstract theories.
The course has the goal of finding the simplicity in complex cases that it is tackle every day on the farm, enjoying the participants and creating the relationship between them, the complicity; precisely in the work's difficulties is useful to exalt the strengths and favorable opportunities of every situation. The fun accelerates learning and makes pleasant work while the simplicity invites to action: the master has created experiences that can be applied to the business reality in which each participant works, with methodologies and tools easy to use in everyday life.
To transfer new skills and abilities has been applied in a concrete way what they have learned through exercises, simulations, metaphors and group activities.
The master has provided new solutions to create new business results.
Turning to the content developed during the days of the course, we recognize among the main topics:
- the development and improvement of strategies and sales techniques; - the improvement of the quality of the sales process; - the prevention and handling of the objections; - the effective and persuasive communication; - the differentiation from its competitors.
It 'was provided a methodology to understand who you have in front when negotiating, what the customers want and expect from vendors of their suppliers, even to understand what drives and what motivates their purchasing decisions.
At the master they have learned how to grow the company's sales and what you can improve in the way current we sell, work and interact with their customers, to develop the turnover. With reference to the latter, you can quantify how much turnover you can recover starting to work on the areas of improvement identified.
Our colleagues have dealt with different exercises for apply the methodology, studying real business cases and preparing concrete action plans.
The contribution of the master will help shape the sales practices of the Ramo srl in a direction of greater success and awareness of the potential that has the organization.
The company wanted to support this investment in training, believing in the potential of functional managers who took part in the master, even to create a working group cohesive and positive.
More information on the master it can be obtained by consulting the site


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