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Top 500, a report created by Pwc and Nordest Economia, has been photographing the top 500 companies in Friuli-Venezia Giulia by turnover for 10 years now.
Ramo srl entered this prestigious list of companies for the first time and took part in the event hosted within the Fantoni factory in Osoppo on November 23rd.
Topics covered during the meeting were the green transition and decarbonisation; sustainability, therefore, was at the center of the event, combined with the performances of the leading companies in the area. The evening saw parade the stories of some of the Top 500 on stage, who told their stories, going beyond the numbers, talking about projects, strategies, also regarding sustainability. Europe is working to create an increasingly sustainable economic-financial system, aimed at making companies aware and responsible of their impact on the planet. The new regulatory framework imposes the obligation of non-financial information for larger companies.
Since the first edition, the Top 500 rankings have been materially created by PWC, which considers the report as a valuable opportunity to take stock of the regional economy through the largest companies in the area by turnover.
Each Friulian stop will be characterized by a specific theme: in Osoppo sustainability, in Pordenone supply chain management, in Monfalcone digitalisation and technological innovation.
The Top 500 series of events aims to capture the performances, analyze the sectors and outline scenarios of the different territorial economies.
The Top 500 ranking annually realize a ranking of the best company performances of the regional territory; the event has the ability to outline the picture of the regional entrepreneurial fabric, highlighting its characteristics and economic and social dynamics, which go beyond the dimensional positioning determined by turnover. In fact, the analysis method adopted allows - through capitalization and profitability indices - to read the overall performance of companies in a more precise and in-depth manner, analyze their performances and talk about future growth prospects.
Countless food for thought emerged from this event and the company management will certainly take advantage of it, with a future perspective that aims at innovation and improvement, with particular attention to the well-being of workers and the community.
This result makes Ramo srl very proud, projecting it year after year to achieve ever more ambitious goals!
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