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The Ramo srl has recently purchased the Starmatik FBS B 45 Rail bending complete cell, with the relative tools that are used by the automated system at the service of the TruBend 3170 hydraulic press brake, with a bending length of 4.080 mm.
There are many advantages that an automated folding system can guarantee, not only in terms of production speed. In fact, for this type of activity, resorting to the aid of robots allows you to significantly reduce the risk of accidents for the operators and to have products with a constant quality, manufactured according to precise parameters and with standardized procedures. Also there is the continuous work of the robot on the order in charge. The robotic solutions for bending applications made by Starmatik combine these pluses with some specific features, such as the FBS (Flexible Bending System) flexible bending system, which allows the automatic management of work queues by automatically changing the tools of the bending machine, of the robot gripper and the related NC programs. This solution allows to reduce non-productive times and increase flexibility of use, increasing productivity even in the processing of small batches. The Starmatik bending system is composed of an anthropomorphic robot complete with vacuum gripper (suction cups), magnetic and/or mechanical (tweezers).

The work cycle includes the following phases:
  • the picking up the sheet metal from pack;
  • the release of the sheets on the centering plate;
  • the thickness control;
  • the centering of the sheets;
  • the bending sequence with possible resumed or overturns;
  • the palletization.
Production increases when the plant is equipped with a loader of the sheets metal: in this case the first three phases (picking, centering and thickness control) are performed in masked time. Inside the cell, the Fanuc robot has a carrying capacity of 45 kg at the wrist and is installed in a 12-meter long controlled axis rail.
With the purchase of the new bending machinery, the Ramo srl increases its production power and automates processes by seeking maximum efficiency.
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