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Aussafer, a leading Italian player in sheet metal working with a focus on precision laser cutting services and backed by 21 Invest since December 2020, has acquired Ramo, a company operating in the same sector but focused on cold forming sheet metal.

Founded in 1967, Ramo is specialized in the production of components with the cold forming technology, in particular for the refrigeration and professional furniture sectors. Ramo is located in the North of Italy in the same region as Aussafer, and mainly serves foreign markets, namely Germany and Austria, which are strategic areas to expand the international presence of the Aussafer group.

Ramo will allow Aussafer to integrate its laser cutting services with a complementary technology with significant cross-selling opportunities, as well as a young team led by Marco De Sabbata, Ramo’s CEO with extensive business experience in this field, who will continue to be involved in the project.

This acquisition will lead Aussafer to become a sizeable player in the fragmented sheet metal working market, reaching a turnover of about €M 50 already in 2021.

Giacomo Citossi, CEO of Aussafer, comments "The sharing of an ambitious project of market consolidation and the aim of creating a European leader has led the Friulian families Citossi and De Sabbata to join forces under the guidance of 21 Invest. With Ramo, we see a tangible opportunity to create a regional industrial hub that invests in advanced technologies, creates job opportunities synergistically with local schools and universities and trains and develops highly-specialized mechanics workers. "

Alessandro Benetton, Founding Managing Partner of 21 Invest, adds: "This operation represents the shared growth path that we are structuring with Aussafer, as well as the first concrete step towards the goal of creating a high-tech industrial hub of precision metal working. With Aussafer, we intend to fully embrace Michael Porter's theory of Shared Value, applied in Italy by some of 21 Invest’s portfolio companies, supporting the growth of a company capable of creating economic and social value for its territory ".
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