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The company managers took part in Udine at the course of "effective communication in the team and with customers" organized by Confindustria at Palazzo Torriani.

The course aimed to help participants hone their understanding skills of the interlocutor, strengthening their persuasion, team motivation and leadership. The target of the course was to allow participants to acquire the keys to manage and resolve the relationship conflicts and the delicate situations, strengthening cohesion within the work team.

The contents that have been processed are the following:

  • the active listening as the main asset of an effective communicator;
  • the risks of non-listening and the negative consequences that derive from it;
  • strategic listening techniques;
  • the effective management of the conflicts, comparisons and delicate situations;
  • to make people grow thanks to the motivational feedback technique;
  • experiences and exercises.

The teachers were consultants, training experts (communication, negotiation, leadership and management of contexts with a high emotional impact), owners of the "ChAngel Method", unique in Italy to do high professional training.

The participants lived a learning experience from every point of view, multisensory, fun and engaging that enriched them both professionally and on a human level and personal growth level.

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