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An automatic distributor of personal protective equipment, required by law during work, was installed in the company.
This 24 hours a day self-service personal protective equipment dispenser is available in the production building, available to employees: the authorized personnel, in fact, can pick up the personal protective equipment required for their job through their personal badge and is obliged to use them during the work activity as required by the Risk Assessment Document and set forth in Article 20 and in Article 78 of Legislative Decree 81/08.
The automatic withdrawal method for one's own security represents the right solution to all the problems related to the management and to the withdrawal of the personal protective equipment and the consumables in "automated" mode.
With this solution the Management can monitor all material withdrawals by authorized personnel:
  • it is possible to select which badges to authorize;
  • you can set withdrawal limits per employee - item - department;
  • it is possible to enable the withdrawal of some items and others not;
  • it is possible by the company, taking advantage of the practical web interface, to monitor 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, every operating parameter (alarms - minimum stocks - etc).
In this way the user can take only the materials assigned to him through the help of a practical touch screen monitor.
The certification of the withdrawal data takes place through certified mail in compliance with the 81/08 regulation.

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