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A new machinery of imposing size was positioned in the company with precise and complex installation maneuvers by a group of skilled workers: this is the IMV Galli mechanical press with 420 tons of operating capacity, the largest machinery purchased and placed in Ramo srl since 1967, the year in which the activity was founded.
The four-post mechanical press has a nominal power of 420 tons with variable strokes 5-45 per minute; the maximum dimensions of the mold are 2.500 x 1.200 mm. while the maximum opening of the closed mold is 800 mm.
The size of the worktop is 2.650 x 1.500 mm. and the maximum opening of the front uprights is 2.700 mm. while the maximum opening of the side uprights is 1.100 mm; the very large workbench makes it possible to carry out work on several molds by means of "automated transfer" and this represents a further step towards automation in production departments, as well as making it possible to work on larger and more complex items.
Further technical information is the dimensions of the slide, which is 2.600 x 1.400 mm. with a stroke of 300 mm. and an adjustment of 200 mm.
The new machine has an installed power of 53 kw, a footprint of 3.730 x 2.100 x 5.300 mm. and a weight of 72.000 kg.
With the purchase of the 420 tons IMV Galli press, the company wants to increase the operating capacity of the molding department, strengthening it with a machine as important as it is imposing.
Many employees followed with satisfaction and pride the arrival of the exceptional transport and all the complicated operations of unloading and fitting of the new press.

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