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After the master in sales and negotiation, to which the company has joined in Brescia in 2016, many colleagues participated last week to a day of workshops that dealt with the topic of B2B sales and in particular the 7 deadly sins that are often committed during the negotiation.
In the location of the Best Western Plus Hotel Là of Moret in Udine, an expert of the sector has intervened as trainer of the course, that is the managing director of Blackship which is also part of Infoteam, one of the largest networks and reference points in the world in the field of sales and negotiation.
The training meeting wanted to unveil the mistakes that 97% of sellers commit and that risks losing one out of two negotiations, bringing practical solutions to recognize mistakes, avoid them, solve them: this leads to immediate improvement of commercial results, developing a greater turnover and greater margins and differentiating itself from the competition.
In detail they have seen:
  1. the questions to be asked to the client in order to investigate and understand: what are the objectives, the problems and the needs of who is in front of you; what are the decision criteria of the customer, ie the parameters on the basis of which the choice of the supplier to be adopted will be based; what are the competitors on the single opportunity, their strengths and weaknesses; what is the budget that the customer has available and what is the urgency of buying the product.
  2. how to make the customer understand what the impacts of the product sold on his business, so as to better defend the price and marginality.
  3. how to structure and customize the sales presentation for the customer, in order to convey true value and differentiate itself from the competition.
  4. how to effectively prepare sales appointments, in order to conduct them in the best possible way and maximize the chances of positive closure.
  5. understand who has decision-making power in the negotiation and how to get in direct contact with him.
  6. how to structure effective analysis of victories and defeats, to understand what works and how to replicate it and what does not work and how to change and modify it.
  7. how to have the most references.
The workshop on the 7 deadly sins of the sale was an opportunity for reflection among colleagues and for exchange of opinions to find together the right methodologies and strategies for sales and negotiation, linked above all to the attitude and conduct of appointments.
Looking for better strategies for the development of excellent results, differentiating itself from the competition, is a goal that the Ramo srl pursues through the commitment of the entire working group: for this reason technicians, acquirers and sales staff have all been involved in this workshop to create a single winning approach to customers.
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