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On friday, November 16 th, at the New Theater of Udine, the ceremony for the 65th Labor and Economic Progress Award was held by the Chamber of Commerce, which gave Maurizio Treppo the special distinction consisting in the diploma of merit with gold medal. The employee, surrounded by relatives and colleagues, received the award on the stage of the theater in official form, bringing great pride to the company.
Maurizio, that is employee of the Ramo srl with 39 years of honored career, has held various tasks over many years of activity: hired as a simple worker, he has succeeded in earning himself a role of head on some production lines, then become over time the manager of production of the presses department, fundamental sector for the activity of the Ramo srl.
A point of reference for the workers and an example of humility for all colleagues, Mr. Treppo has always shown a strong sense of belonging to the company, putting himself at stake in the face of market changes and has been able to keep up with the generational change of the organization, renewing its professionalism and adapting to new work methods.
Man tied to the company, the first person to arrive at the workplace and last presence to close the day of activity, Maurizio showed a generous willingness to all, managing the workforce with experience and firmness, keeping the group together in times of difficulty and earning the esteem of the entire organization.
An applause from all the colleagues to this hardworking person who through his knowledge, his skills and the opportunity to grow on a personal level, has dragged the whole organization towards new goals.
A company is constituted first of all by the people that compose it and its success is made of many small personal successes.
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