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The working period before the Christmas holidays has just ended and dinner has been held between colleagues, collaborators and friends to celebrate the achievement of the fiftieth anniversary of the business of the Ramo srl.
The year is 1967 when two friends of Grions del Torre courageously begin their autonomous activity after having work experienced as employees: a dream put into practice with a small lathe in a family garage, among a thousand difficulties overcome by enthusiasm, tenacity and technical abilities, intuitive skill and trained skills with study and experience.
Come back to mind the first deliveries made with an agricultural barrow lent by friends and a series of adventures that the two founding partners of the Ramo srl have the pleasure of telling the people who have always been at their side, supporting them over the years and seeing that company grows and gradually it assumed the current dimensions.
The dinner, held with all the employees, was a pleasant moment of sharing and celebrations in which there was also the delivery of two plaques to the founders for the success of the company they created.
Reached the half of the fiftieth of activity, since January the Ramo srl is preparing to face new challenges with the enthusiasm of all time.
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