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Antislip MUSSIT sp.2,5

Pack of 1 pcs.

Antislip MUSSIT.

Colours: white/black.

Mussit EPDM is a product by the many uses, both adhesive and non-adhesive: in the industrial world is used for the realization of gaskets or as anti-condensation material in the field of air conditioning and refrigeration, construction is used as a seal to air, dust, water and noise in the world of furniture is an excellent anti-scratch, anti-vibration and anti-slip.

Mussit EPDM foam rubber is a copolymer of EPDM mixed with Eve, closed-cell, waterproof, rot-proof, non-toxic, black or white.

We are also able to realize particular of different shape and size.

Available, after ordination, in white.



Diameter and measures

Ø9 mm

Ø12 mm

Ø14 mm 

Ø16 mm 

Ø18 mm 

Ø20 mm 

Ø24 mm 

Ø28 mm 

Ø30 mm 

9x20 mm

20x20 mm

25x25 mm 

30x30 mm 

25x35 mm

85x100 mm 

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