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Outer caps with felt pads

One pack.

The tips in rigid PVC guarantee a great sliding on any surface, even on carpet and carpet. They avoid the squeal on smooth floors and chairs allow you to move smoothly even on the carpet! Transparent and discreet, avoid the annoying sound of metal on tile and dangerous scoring.

We offer a wide range of tips to put on the legs of the chairs in metal. Protect the floors carrying a scroll function without a trace. All standard sizes are available from stock in the market.


Ø12 - pcs per pack 8 

Ø16 - pcs per pack 8 

Ø18 - pcs per pack 8 

Ø20 - pcs per pack 8 

Ø22 - pcs per pack 4

Ø25 - pcs per pack 4 

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